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Friday, 6 April 2012

Rave On!

Well I have a little hangover which should really feel good as I haven't had one for a while ...
but it doesn't ... I remember now.

There's no time to waste and I have reached the stage where I have to nose dive deep into a bubble of stitchery witchery.  Like swimming a whole length under water.  In order to make this whole sequence work it requires enthusiasm and tennacity on full throttle.  Have I got it in me?

Having been to the Orbital gig last night and seeing the layered perfectionism of electronic sound ... wowzers .. what a set up!  Totally complicated and slick.  Puts my two hand band stitchery witchery project into perspective.  They were fantastic... and what was so lovely is  that they pulled a crowd that ranged from their teens to the silver topped variety.  All, nodding appreciatively to the huge big electronic sounds and beats.

Great Stuff Orbital.
You is cookin' in the kitchen.  X 

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