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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Butternut Squash and Purple Damask Wall paper.

I had a DREAM last night ... another of the sprinkling of sporadic yet steady anxiety dreams that have been trickling out between the bricks and mortar of my brain in the run up to this there COLLECT melarchy (said in a West Country accent).  They speak of the untold gargantuan horrors that my overdeveloped imagination musters up when straining under the daily pressure to perform.
There's no time for my mind to slow down, my yoga has gone out of the window and the process of work has overtaken my Psyche and I lie there half awake thinking about thread like cocoons, drill bits, business cards, clothes, insurance, transport, sandwiches, men, Dads Birthday, applique T shirts, handmade brooches, summer camping, down jackets, stones with holes in, date and walnut cake, screws and mirror plates, neon spray paint, bells, button thread, swimming, staples and wind.  

Last night at about 4am ...

"I arrived on set up day at the Saatchi, trying to carry all 5 framed canvasses on my own and also all the rolled up drawings in my studio and an overflowing basket of shopping which was spilling everywhere and I was struggling to get up this vast school like stair case.  I arrived in the gallery to find that there was art work everywhere, a bit like an A level art exam, ready for assessment and everyone had finished and they were already pouring drinks for the Private view.  Everyone was really young and trendy.

To my absolute horror the Saatchi gallery walls had been covered with purple damask wall paper and there were old fashioned office style windows dotted here and there like shut staff rooms.  The whole place was a maze and a mess.
I put my stuff down, acutely aware that the butternut squash and Chorizo had fallen out of my basket and were literally rolling around the Saatchi floor under peoples feet and my handbag was overstuffed with receipts and bits of paper and an old banana but I was being dragged away by a member of staff.

They ushered me through the most complex maze of rooms stuffed with school project style art and showed me two dark purple bits of wall space separated by a large polystyrene Tea pot and said there you go .. hang your work, you have 5 minutes.

I, in the meantime, was panicking about finding my way back to my handbag and was worried that someone would nick my purse and my drill which I needed to hang the 5 pieces of work which had also disappeared.  The Private View guests were already arriving and there were people everywhere and I just couldn't believe the walls were purple damask and I decided to say something about unhappy I was and how much the project had cost me but then I woke up and needed the loo."

So there you go.

I am nearing the completion of number 4.
Posting photos soon.
I have got Jess the film maker coming on Monday which is exciting and I have got to fly to Cornwall next week to teach a three day workshop.  I have just been to the framers and I have ordered a new load of OAK as I am unsatisfied with the wood that is available .. it is too perfect... I want knots and grooves and patterns and holes.... call me fussy but I do not want perfection ... I wanta see wood that is really wood.  I also want to paint it so it looks uninteresting and bland but for it to look King Kong strong and charismatic and pale and organic and lush ... you can imagine the lovely framers face listening to me eh!?

Oh Lord, got a right one 'ere!

I have about 4 hours work to do on number 4 then I must get down to the final final finale design number FIVE, 5, five alive, beehive, nose dive .... I am getting there blimey oh Riley I am getting there ... this is gigantic and I am ready to finish but one last push.  One Month from now I will be standing in the Saatchi Gallery in front of my work for the VVIPPV...

Its the homeward stretch now... but my Goshy goo I am tired...... PUSH IT LOU PUSH IT LOU YOU CAN DO IT GAL, YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!

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Purlease my darlings purrlease.  


Luiji. x 


  1. I have loved reading your recent posts as you get this load of work done. Hey being an artist must be cool and interesting, say this with ironic and sarcastic voice. It is just bloody hard work. Keep going you are close to the end and the end will be fabulous. Your work is really cool and interesting, not being ironic here. Good luck.

  2. Thank you Donnaj ... It is GREAT to get some feedback with a silly voice included. :)



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