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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I am off for 4 days to teach drawing and stitchin' in Cornwall and my Gosh I need to see the SEA like never before.  Crashing waves, pelting rain, coastal paths, sand, froth, surf, mermaids, sailors, pirates, wind and rocks, yeah yeah yeah.  I can feel a shanty coming on.

My wrusts ache, my thimbs hurt, my buck is baggered and my mund is flit so here we go ladies lets have a sherry and rev up the machinery.  I have 11 ladies joining me to get creative in a beautiful location.  We'll blast some big tunes and let our hair down in Newquay at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel and Spa.

I have rolled up number 5 and packed away 1,2,3 n' 4 safely in a corner.
Frankly, I am glad to see the back of them.  Sometimes you just are so deep into something that you have to turn your back on it and walk away.  I cant appreciate the time and the work and at the moment I feel that I am not enjoying the final countdown  ... its been a long old stint and I feel flat and unexcited and uninspired.  Its probably because I feel tired through and through. Moan Mona Lisa moan ...
When I get back from my little trip I will be refreshed and have the vigour of a superstitcher for the last and final week of stitchery witchery and my goodness gracious me ... if no 5 isnt Blingtastic with bells on by the time I have finished well ... sausages.

I thought that this weekend teaching stint was badly timed and of course I could certainly do with the time as I am very behind with number 5 BUT knees up Mother Brown, Ra Ra Ra, flash your pants I am orf to Cornwall.... I love the south west.  I am really looking forward to it especially because Henry, one of my oldest pals is coming on the course.  AND 3 lovely journalists are on board from Country Homes and Antiques,  The Guardian and FABRIC.  It is going to be such a hoot.


Now theres a word that sings sweet music in my ears ... Spaaaaa.

Have a great weekend whatever you are up to.

I must remember to buy a bottle of sherry at the airport.
Over and Out.

Luigi Gardinelly.

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