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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Introducing my studio neighbours!

I am very very lucky that my commute to work is a walk across two yards.  
I work in an old dairy and my neighbours are a small but gorgeous herd of rare breed Hereford cows.  

Here is a lovely lovely view ... Spring is here! 

This is SIR GEORGE.  
Today I was feeding him Bramley apples before I started work. 

He has an amazing coat which he will shed as it gets warmer and he has small legs and a barrel belly which means he has to rock in order to get up.

Mother and baby. 
Over Christmas and New Year we had 6 baby calves born in total ... one of which sadly didn't make it and died last week.  My Dad and I tried feeding him with a teat but sadly he was anaemic and we just couldn't get enough strength down him.  

We have 5 gorgeous calves that bounce and run around the fields now. Today we put the cows out properly for the first time and as they do every year, they went mental ... running and bucking and jostling.  An amazing sight.  I love it. 

Sheep's wool in my work ... I never thought I would see the day.

I lined up 1, 2 and 3 against the breeze blocks today to see where I was heading.  
Sat in the cow yard, with tea, contemplating the next explosive piece. 

Tricky head frying designs.... always always worried about the convincing.... realistic happenings versus the surreal enjoyment for the sheer hell of it.  

Laters potatas. 

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