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Monday, 19 March 2012

Wrapped up in tumbleweed.

Too tired to tap tap ping.  
Hands ache.
I finished no 3 today, stretched and ready ... 2 more to go and they are going to be all singing all dancing...

I have had two disasters.  
I always think there will be at least 3 in the making and 3 in the setting up.  Be prepared for it and stay cool mannnn.

Disaster no 1 wasn't really a disaster but it was a difficult decision.  
Having spent two weeks on this design I scrapped the whole thing.  
It was a hard but necessary decision to make.  
No 2 disaster was a disaster.  My hand just sort of collapsed but unfortunately I was holding a full mug of tea which went all over no 3.  I have never ever in my 18 years of working done this like this before..... 

It took a lot of patient and calm dabbing with a cold water sponge and tissue.  Fortunately it doesn't show.  Pheweeeee.  Thank goodness it wasn't on plain canvas.  

I don't really get angry when stuff like this happens I just go quiet and slowly bang my head on my pin cushion.  

Fancy nipple tassel's for my talk? 

No no no no. 

Progress progress.... its really intense and I cant seem to shake off an immense tiredness
BUT I can see the light at the end of the tunnel ... just! And when I can poke my head out of the twiggy shards and shardy twigs I am excited... well I will be.  

My life has been over taken by Tumbleweed.

Hope you are all well. 


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  1. You sound as though you've been steaming ahead! Keep at it!! It is looking wonderful and intriguing. Hope you have got a really big treat planned for when you finish (or a lovely sleep!!)



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