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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Boiling My Brain

Well my goodness gracious me.

I have been fighting over 5 large drawings and they are the most challenging thing I have ever attempted and quite frankly they are boiling my brain.

I can stare at the damn things for ages and ages and ages and ages and I feel like I am trying to do too much ... too complicated an idea but now I have my mind set on it I cant let go..... Oh pootle tootle pie.

Its not just a case of making them 'work'.  Suddenly you remember that they have to also look amazing and be beautiful....Well thats my intention.  BUT the pieces are so challenging I find myself swearing and banging my head against the desk ... or should I say that my concept is rock hard and I think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I keep saying ' Louise... You have bitten off more than you can chew. Thats wot I is saying.

I am no where near starting to stitch the designs and the drawings will be really difficult to replicate in stitch - the worst kind of long swooping and curved lines, I am dreading doing them.. I find these kind of lines almost impossible to do on a free motion machine .... I am REALLY behind schedule but trying to get as much exercise in between as possible to keep my body from caving in and keep ME SANE ...
I am still running (Can you believe it ...I still only go around the block and I am knackered!!!) and have done some funny classes including KLUB KOMBAT - spelt with a KKKKKK, HOW KOOOL!

We had to pretend to beat the living daylights out of a phantom person,  It was a bit violent for my liking and I kept getting the giggles as I saw my ridiculous reflection in  the mirror.  'Chaz' kept me behind at the end to talk to me seriously about the right way to beat the living crap out of someone and I have an awful feeling that he thought I had been giggling at him.  He seemed to take the class very seriously as did a few of the ladies there who were sporting fingerless fighting gloves ... GO GIRLS!
Tonight I did a ZUMBA class where we wiggled our hips and threw our arms in a wave like fashion around our heads and its was hilarious but good fun trying our best to be sexy in lycra and trying to keep up with the amazing rubber band that was leading the class.  I want to be her.

I will try and post some photographs if the recent nail biting pencil chewing head scratching stuff but I seem to be working later and later and by the time I get in I just want to go to bed and read a few pages of my book with a hot water bottle and a mug of sleepy tea.  ROCK AND ROLL!

My lovely little helper S says she reckon I will have totally gone doolally by the time I have finished and I already feel like I am DOOLALLY ... Tonight I burnt my hand and it was bloody painful and was a stupid thing to do and in the last two weeks I have fallen on my bottom twice and bruised my coccyx.  Certain words come to mind but I will not sour your read with my expletives.

I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!!! (Dramatic voice)  

I am so far off finishing the pieces it may not actually be humanly possible and I have so much to do in order to make this happen I need to make some seriously wise time saving efficiency plans (!) but it is great to have such a huge challenge and I am hopefully going to eventually rise to the occasion.  It is after all an amazing opportunity and i want to do my best.

Remember Louiji ... it is supposed to be fun!

Happy Valentines Day!

I hope you did not spend it in some crap restaurant with an over priced prawn cocktail, lots of arguing couples and a soggy salad.


  1. Hi Lou,
    Trust yourself - you know you can do it. You are a wonderful, skilful designer and IT WILL BE OK... no, more than OK, it will be spectacular.

    GO GIRL!!

    PS the google 'funny words in the box' you have to type to submit a comment was "splenfu" Your work will be SPLENFU!!!

  2. Oh Louise, I get like that, I reach a point where I hate the creation I'm working on, want to start again, in fact quit & get a job in an office...I find that walking away for 30mins or overnight does the trick...then 99.9% I love it when it's done... Your work is so amazing I'm sure that it will blow everyones brains instead of boiling yours R



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Louise :)

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