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Thursday, 19 January 2012



I just wanted to apologise to all the students that are emailing me at the moment.

I am so super busy and I am getting a couple of emails a day, all with questions.
So sorry I cannot offer you any time at the moment but I wish you loads of luck with your projects and I will try and get a reading list sorted for you to refer to which will be available on my new website.  I usually reply to all my emails but it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep up.

In the meantime ... my advice is to examine the work carefully with your eyes and write what YOU think about it .... what can YOU see ?  What do YOU think inspires me?  What inspires you?
What makes you feel excited?  Be very observant and think about things on paper, get it all down, no matter how trivial ..... it's all there.

Most of all remember that you are unique and so should your work be!

Let your work develop and grow slowly and intuitively ... if you put the time in, if you are proactive and you feed your creative brain with goodies regularly ... you cant go wrong!  Also remember to have as much FUN as possible, your student days are the most carefree in your life.  :)  If your work isn't FUN then make it fun .... Thats the most important.

Good Luck!


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  1. I love your work!It is truly stunning x
    And i bloody well love your machine too. I have ummed and arred about putting stickers on machine, and after seeingf yours i'm Off to town tomorrow to go sticker crazy :)



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