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Saturday, 21 January 2012

Connect with COLLECT 2

Quilted Taffeta, Silk, Rubber?  
Gold reflective fabric and lime green felt.  Shiny black fake patent leather, plastic coated linen, net and is it lame?  Ugggh!
I don't even know what these fabrics are. 
They beckoned me in, looked me in the eyes and said
'So Louiji……  are we too expensive and too 'out there', too kitsch and flamboyant, cheesy, cheap, sexy and flirtatious ….. too Soho?  

We dare you!'

We have a potential series of disasters here.  But I have always wanted to sex up embroidery…. without being sexual or cras.  
Its hard to explain … I don't even know what I mean yet but I am beginning to see what the canvasses will look like.    
Art for a Chinese restaurant stroke1960's style acid throw back cheesy gay night club?  
What have I done!  
Have I gone bonkers? 
I have bought £250 of kitsch fabric in 25cm sections … they only just fill a carrier bag.  
Quilted Taffeta….. thats the one that required a strong coffee and a days deliberation, thats the classy one.  
"How about the 5 canvasses are different ? How about I don't use canvas? "   I said to myself as I stared at the quilted rolls of gorgeousness and remembered my Nana's bedspread.    
"Oooooooooh.  Quilted canvasses.  Feminine, glamourous, frou frou, corsets, glamour.  

Quilted Artwork!  
Padded cell I think.  
Maybe thats the whole idea.    
My madness.  

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