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Wednesday, 13 April 2011

3 weeks to go....

I love COLOUR!

Things were going amazingly well till Monday.  

I got out of bed and immediately lay down again carefully and quickly.  My back had gone and I was in a lot of pain.  Blimey oh Riley.  This has never happened before.
ANYWAY..... 2 days of anti inflams, many many hot water bottles (I LOVE THEM), lots of tiger balm, a long and silent do in an amazing hot tub and some loving TLC from my family has put me back on track and today I was sewing again.... albeit a little stiffly.  
There is no time to stop as I am very behind schedule so I will have to pile on the stretches and the anti inflams and the occasional bottles of gin...... I have a show to put on....its gonna be good when I get there but my god theres a long way to go yet...

Tomorrow my new industrial sewing machine arrives .. later than expected but in time to help me finish these last few pieces.  

I need to name her and break a bottle of cheap CAVA against her and drink the lot
.... will let you know the name.

Lou Ooooh Oooooh.

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