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Friday, 15 April 2011

All Teeth.....

Had to take a photo of myself for the Wilmslow Advertiser today..... never an easy job but lucky I am a dab hand at self timer ART! Got out the red lippy and the white stuff for under my eyes... Can you tell? 

Its been a while folks ... but for those of you who followed me on my BIG trip around the world ... on my own...... taking a photo of myself is a quite familiar task and, I hate to admit, a rather fun pass-time! Darting back and two and counting down the seconds like a wally ... smiling at the camera whilst trying not to squint too much or wrinkle ones brow. Sad though it seems ..... ones self image is an interesting challenge.. expecially as 'one' gets a little older and more wonky around the edges.  

Anyway I have sent a few to the local rag in the hope that I look like a 'nice', artistic but not too crazy creative type with a sense of humour and a cool sewing machine.... yeah yeah .... bleugh bleugh...

Buts its better than having some local rag photographer telling you to hold a piece of artwork like a trophy, stick your chest out and look up at him standing on a chair.

I bet they choose the above.... my least favourite but most natural.....although I do look like someone has just pinched my arse..... Is that a talent?

Have my teeth always been this big?  No its not my teeth ... its my mouth!  Aghhhhh!

Oh sod it ... I am who I am..... Hoo HA!


Louiji Nashtastic.


  1. Hi Lou
    Love the smile and love the embroidery - you gorgeous thing you!!! Hope you're back is on the mend and all the best for the show. Life is good here! Take Care

  2. Hehe this made me chuckle because I've just had to do the same (would have made chuckled regardless but ya know what I mean... :). Managed to balance the camera on top of a dodgy pile of various boxes, squeeze past while counting etc...
    You were much braver than me (I stuck to profile pic), you look fab! (*love* what's in the background too)
    Annabelle x

  3. Love the photo and the decorated machine looks great.



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