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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Wah Wah Wah!

Yeah wah yeah wah!

New album by Underworld 'Barking'  ... first track 'Bird 1'.

Love it.

Got aching shoulders... desperate to do some yoga and losing sight of regular practice.  
Threw myself round at 'Cardio Kick BOX!'  yesterday which was satisfying to a point except for the woman with the microphone who harps inanely on about crap all as we fling our legs and arms around pretending to be fierce Lara Croft type warrior women to the same awful repetitive house music she plays week after week. There are admittedly a couple of tracks on it that make me want to work up a sweat but when she asked me the other day in front of the whole class, microphone still on, if I was 'an East Enders or a Corrie fan' I nearly walked out.  
The class always starts late and she always shares her inane news about a) her pony and how it nearly died until they put it on a special diet, b) what her husband is cooking for tea or c) her road incidents with people with road rage or things that have gone wrong with her car.  I bust a gut to get there from the studio 16 miles away and then stand around like a wally waiting for her to finish chatting with her mates about soaps.  I cant stand it when classes start late.

I went to the awful LEGS BUMS AND TUMS class as well and that was an absolute waste of time.  
There were two other women there,  a Mother and a daughter.  Then there was the plugged in Madonna style teacher, same woman, volume up despite the fact we were three and could have heard perfectly well if she had removed it.  Bet she wears it all the time.... to the supermarket, in her car, in bed with her husband.  ANYWAY, they basically had a three way conversation throughout the whole affair, which was so interesting that she actually forget to tell us what we were doing so I kind of did a random individual boring routine which she then made a big loud scene out of me being half asleep and not doing the right moves insinuating that I was a bit odd and in my own world.  

Right early start .... yoga practice at home...... 
But as the chap in the garage said when I said 
'Bit of a miserable morning isn't it?' 

"You are lucky to be alive.... remember that!'



Will do.



He's right really.... why should we complain about the weather? Because we have nothing else to complain about .... its a bad habit and we are British.... lets all try not to this week.... celebrate Greyness.  YES!  
Brilliant plan don't you think. :/

Luigi Drizzle Cakes.

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