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Saturday, 5 February 2011


To Blog or not to blog that is the question!

This blog thing is a strange little bird.  
It is a fantastic way to splurt and practice the art of writing.  Its therapeutic, frustrating and fun.

I have had quite a few conversations with my pals about 'blogging' since I returned from my big trip as it seems it harder to blog when one is not on the shake and groove.... the move.  

I am flattered and amazed to see how many fansicles there are to the Stitchery Witchery Tour.... And how many hits there are per week from as far as Mexico! Wow.  It is very satisfying somehow but also a little surreal and I struggle with my personal content barometer every time I sit to write.  Especially since I came home to the UK.

But I feel that it is important to express the important things that I find stimulating, inspiring, shocking and even droll.  The moods and feelings as I find them as a particular little pea in the universe with a particular perspective and a penchant for potatoes.  Many of my close friends have a very modern view of blogging and there have been a few meaty and funny conversations over a good few glasses of vino I can tell you!  Some friends feel that it is important to keep a certain BLOG PERSONA, an alter ego...... and others think that the best bloggers have a reet good rant and almost unconsciously splurge and hosk their views out into the ether.  JUST LIKE THAT! 
I am pleased to report that three of these fantastic debates have been with very close Friends THAT LIVE OR HAVE LIVED in Manchester!  Madchester! Madchester!  Wahay!  

Do I sound like a City fan yet?  I must admit I actually prefer the red kit but hey, as yet I have not relinquished my placid passion for football just yet!  Give it time...... given the location of my studio it would be rude not to go.

So just to keep you updated......

I shadowed my Mum on her mission to staple up ANTI DOG POO IN PLASTIC BAGS IN HEDGES signs around the woods. I thought this was extremely admirable.  There was a moment when a small argument ensued about where to put the damn things up and how many industrial staples were actually needed per laminated poster... when parts of me that hadn't yet arrived back in the UK suddenly hit me .... some mental British flotsam plopped back into my brain from the sky like a falling poo bag and I realised that this was not exotic.  But it was nice to do something positive for fellow country side lovers (my job was to remove the old staples) and I have to say .... whoever scoops their doggy poop into plastic poo bag and then puts it in the hedge OR SOMETIMES hanging from a tree .... is impressively derisorylaughablenonsensicalpreposterousludicrousidioticabsurd, STUPID.  Big up to my Mum!

I also went to my third meditation meeting this week and I really like it.  
Its a chance to sit down and say nothing on a cushion in a nice place with a nice man from Manchester talking about being bloody nice to yourself and everybody around you.  


And the last thing I want to report is that I spent a very productive week in the studio and finished three new characters for my Woodmansterne range 'IN STITCHES'.  I am told it is doing extremely well more products like wrapping paper might be on their way soon.  
I spent one of the studio days cleaning the disgustingly dirty microwave and leaving my first 'NOTE' by the studio sink.  This was quite an event getting my marker pen out again for the first time in a year and I know many JSA friends will be highly amused by this.  It read....

Hello! :)
Please use cling film provided to prevent colourful explosions and splurts onto this beautifully clean microwave. Thankyou!

There are some things that make my studio days good, the first being a fresh coffee with hot milk and the other, bless my little heart, is homemade soup. So, now that is back in place I am happier.  Fish Soup with chilli and ginger, puts hairs on ya chest girls! 

I also spent an afternoon with my studio share and we had a right laugh and shared music.  
Wicky woo.  

The plan is in place, lets get this show on the road.  
Power and peace to the people! 

As for blogging.  I enjoyed that, thanks for listening!

Lou the Choo Choo train.  (said with jazz hands.)

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