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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

And then.......

....14 ladies walked into the room.


What a lovely bunch of ladies. 

Honestly ... if there was ever a cure... stick yourself in a room of caring and sharing women.  Amazing.  I am in my element, I have my sis to help and the heaters are on.

The first SUPERSTITCHERS workshop was a tonic.  I hope not just for me but all involved.  
I SO enjoyed meeting a group of enthusiastic UK based ladies up for a bot of a laugh and a challenge.  

We started chatting with coffee and chocolate fingers and finished with scones, jam and cream and 14 embroidered works of art in the making. 
3 days didnt seem long enough, it flew ... but was a relaxed enough pace to enjoy and experiment.  Play some tunes.  

Drawing to the Beastie Boys to warm things up a bit.

What a lovely room.  It was perfect.

The Mill at Styal is a wonderful place, with a historic atmosphere and a lot of lovely staff who shaking things up a bit.  Its exciting and the workshop fitted in perfectly.  
We had many characters from across the UK.  They had one thing in common.... an understanding of the importance of creativity and self expression.  They were here after all. 3 days of self indulgent socialising and sewing.  These are wise ladies.

Need I say more?
The workshop would not have been the same without them.

What can YOU do with a bag of hats?

Drawing portraits with pumping house music and tangerines.

Two Rules... come on a workshop to find out! 

Scratchy gorgeousness.  
Completely original.  
Ladies YOU can DRAW!!!!

Onto the machine and off we go ... still drawing.

Chat and Demos...

Applique with a twist.

Therapeutic Acrylics and Sherry. 

Textured spontaneity.

Bravely unconventional. GO T!

Can you tell who it is yet?

And again....

The effects of SUPERSTITCHERY?

Scones and pats on the back.  

Thank you ladies for a totally (as they say in the U S of A) AWESOME time.

It was a pleasure meeting you.
Come back!

Louiji Stitchy Witchy Squeedgie.

The UK.


  1. Hi Louise
    Great to hear you are back into the 'business'.
    Loved those hats.! Maybe we do an online version here in NZ?
    It is very warm here in Nelson and the stitching year is about to get started. I've done nothing since our UK trip that is worth reporting. NZ extensions members will hold an exhibition here in July so I need to get some enthusiasm from somewhere..hence a look at your Blog. yeah!
    good luck with your new place in Manchester.

  2. Aren't people a great lifter of low spirits, fun and human and warm and creative and appreciative - hope the happy mood continues



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