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Wednesday, 1 December 2010


Sawadee is HAPPY in Thai.  
And at the moment I am feeling it.


My head is positively spinning, my brain is bursting and my nostrils are full of dirt.

I have been wandering around Bangkokaroonaaaa with my map and my camera and I am bursting to the brim with creativity and inspiration and glowing rather!  I cant wait to produce new work with more colour and texture than a Thai temple.
Woop woop woop ...... 

I am sweating like an aubergine which, I will have you know, is green in Bangkok not Aubergine. So saying Aubergine now could be light green to Purple? 



My head is so crammed with stuff... with visual energy and enthusiasm I could start a circus.

I have had a tremendous response from the K HM H. And my only worry is that I have to try to respond to everybody whilst sitting in ... wait for it.... don't judge me..... 'OH MY COD!!!'  the British cafe next to my hotel where the Internet is.  Yes OK ... its not very Thai of me to sit here but of it makes you feel better there is a carp pool and some spouting elephants and a resident rat. AND they serve a lovely mug of tea.

The flower market in Plongwaaapooo, or something like that is TO DIE FOR!!!!
I thought I had gone to visual heaven.  I nearly burst with excitement when i saw the textures, tons and tons of rolled up roses in newspaper and Thai style temple offerings of magnolias and Frangi bloomin pani.

Now.... I am absolutely pooooped and sipping a CHANG yet again for sustenance and rejuvenation.  WATCH OUT...I seem to have picked up an admirer.  

The other night I was tapping away doing the do as you do when you are trying to maintain contact with the gorgeous embroidery ladies of the world..... and a beer was delivered to my table.  I 'quizzickly' looked at Ning, my familiar hostess beer deliverer lady with gorgeous hair hostess with the mostess and she said that the man on the next table had sent it for me.  HOW VERY SMOOTH!!!  I thought that kind of thing only happened in cheesey films. Having already had three small beers I was a tad distressed that I was going to be taken over my limit.... I am after all a very good girl.  

I looked over and there was a rather large and rather beautiful black guy smiling at me with purpose in his eyes and huge shining medallion around his neck.
Oh my Lord! He meant business.

Anyway ... I did the polite thing and drank the beer whilst hopelessly trying to update my website without looking in the wrong/ right direction. I then packed up, wandered over to say 'I just want to say thank you very much for the beer.'  OH no!  My voice!
La Dee bloody Dar!

His friend said ' YOU FROM LONDON LUV?' with a mouth full of chips.
Mr Medallion said 'Where are you going?'  
Not once but three times.  

I dribbled and twittered on about having to go and almost swallowed the sentence 'my husband is waiting for me... back in the hotel... I am very tired ... I am leaving in the morning....thank you for the beer.....  Erm Erm .... I am going to bed, my room, I am very tired...bla bla bla...... squirm and wriggle.  It was a lovely gesture. BYE! ' 

THEN tonight....!!!!!  (Don't get me wrong ... this is unusual ......) another guy came over and said ' Would you like to join us sad eyes?' 

I was genuinely really chuffed that he was kind enough to consider I might be lonesome sitting on my own and genuinely pissed off about the eyes bit  …. who is he to tell me I have sad eyes?  That's like telling someone they look knackered or miserable.  I HAD postcards to write. AND was having a visual overload sensory hangover after the market and walking around Bangkok for 4 hours.  He was located on the other side of the road iwith an older lady on the other side of the bar.
'Thats very kind.... I am just about to eat and I will come over and say hello in a bit. Thank you so much.'  Am I anti-social?

La Dee DAR!!!

So, after my postcards and food, I did pop over.. because I am if anything very polite.
BUT all I wanted to do was get to my computer and reply to my lovely emails.... there's been quite a few..... AnYwaY ... I had a little chat with them and introduced myself. He called me sad eyes and continued to search my eyes for some tragedy. 
Turns out, he was a slight but tight and very proud professional THAI boxer from France and she was an Ozzie.  I chatted and schpeeled out excuses about not staying, went to shake his hand and knocked his drink all over his pale trousers. Ice and everything.
OH MY LORD! Beam me up Scotti.

I resisted the urge to start puttings things right and patting his groin with a clutch full of paper thin Thai style napkins and apologised profusely.  Needless to say I left as quickly as possible… me with my sad eyes.  

I now sit in back in 'OH MY COD!' and after a lively scene with a Thai lady telling a shaven head mug head (English) that he WAS BAD MAN and storming off ... and who should turn up on the table opposite but Mr Medallion, two nights later eating his favourite it seems, 'Oh my Cod!' egg and chips.  Oh lordy lord ... I just want to be alone!  His intent stare is burning the top of my head and I have never been so interested in whats on this screen... earphones on.

Frangipani piled high, a million different types of leaf, golden custard magnolias, plastic wrapped video games, colourful Thai sweets in packs, rows of Cling wrapped Buddhas, offerings to the Gods, crazy overloaded scatty dark green rooms full to brimming with dark mysterious packages, garlands plastic, garlands fresh, ancient small Japanese ladies holding hands, clinging bags of plastic bottles, large overloaded baskets of discarded bags, trolleys of bamboo, old dogs, thin meowing dusty cats, electronic bits, fuses, speakers, leads, dirty strong bare feet, broken pavements, wires and cables, cables and wires, orange monks, people sitting, knitted electricity cables, pink sky, pink bus, neon lights, smells, fumes, sweat, heat, Chang. Savatika!

Lou Square Woo and the tapping temptations. 

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