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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Namaste !


I am still Living!

Sorry for the quiet.......BUT I am absolutely fine and have finally got to an internet place but we are in a small and vibrant Pilgrims town called GOKARNA which is totally amazing. 

I am having a fantastic time and India is MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME fascinating!  This little town is absolutely packed with 100's of white draped pilgrims passing through every day.  Scantily clad in white or black robes and beads some from all over INDIA and some of them, further afield... they all visit the temple here all year round and there are lots of small open shops selling offerings for the Gods, trinkets, beads etc.

On the beach there are dozens of friendly local children swimming in their black shorts or saris who want their photo taken with you. They all want to know your name. There are dozens of local fishermen sewing and mending their nets and sitting sleeping in the midday sun.  The sun is red, the moon is full.   There are loads of lazy cows sitting in the dusty red roads and there are loads of ancient hippies with beads and beards walking around.  Some riding decorated Enfields and some with woolly hats on.  The houses have a very strong Portuguese influence, are mostly made of wood and flaking pale shades of plaster and peeling posters and have amazing dark and hand painted interiors - reds and turquoise and green. There is colour everywhere and I am in my element visually! I am also in my element as a livestock lover!

This is cow heaven.

I have still been doing my yoga everyday but am in need of some new moves.  A gorgeous young Indian hippy man brought his carpet over next to me today and copied my moves.  WEHAY!!! Cant be bad! Except for this problem with my hip ..... I think I have a trapped nerve or something....  which is a pain!  AM I GETTING OLD?

I have had three small fillings to help my 3 receding gums from strenuous aggressive brushing apparently(!) and I had my teeth whitened the other day for 60 quid by a dentist that sang whilst he worked.  I do not now look like an American film star but I do have evenly coloured teeth - Indian white ...which is very decedent.  Don't you just love the irony? 

Heres a few I took on the beach today.... Aghhhhh Indiaaaaaaa....

Back in the UK in 10 days!


  1. I think you are going to find life back in the UK boring after all this. Still, maybe you will have missed the snow! I am stuck at my daughter's house because I couldn't get home and it is only a few miles.

  2. It certainly doesn't sound like the best Christmas day! Surely things can only get better!



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