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Sunday, 7 November 2010


I never thought a few weeks ago that I would bond with a broad accented man from the North East of Engerland who likes wearing a frock.  The people on the retreat were so lovely.... everyone searching.... but kind and gentle...
But that is what is so amazing ...  you are always delightfully surprised by people....  thats what I love about life.  Never judge.  Be open. Just get to know one another and enjoy the diversity of people around you.  I know it may sound a bit 'ZEN'  but I have been eating vegetables for a week in the rain with the singing frogs.  
R was a star.  
What a lovely person. 
What a laugh.  
Great jokes.

Warriors of life.

Nearly there..... Woop Woop!

Me, ma boat and tree.... its all about balance... Rock hard.

We are tree ... but I have no hips.  Just like my lovely Mum.

A week of challenging yoga is over.... wow.
Such a challenge but I LOVE IT.  
Many things to work on but for now .... LETS DRINK SOME BEER!  

Heres to you you R.

It was lovely fab meeting you and you make me laugh!!!!!
I love the snail joke.
Can't wait to get dressed up for a night out one day!
And no... you can't borrow my skirt.

I will write more later my dear readers.   



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