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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Yum Yum!

Aolong welcomes you!
A pretty place near Krabi ... bit touristy ... with a generous dollop of German sugar Daddy's Thai style but the weather too bad to travel to the little place Raylang ... where we intended to reach....

A 3m tall cling wrapped Ganesh. 

Wowzers.... its raining and raining and I am sitting on my bungalow balcony listening to yet more frogs RIB BET RIB BET trying to ignore the constant reminder to scratch the living hell out of my lumpy bitten legs!  Even though I say it myself I have an amazing ability not to scratch... just knowing that once I touch them I will not be able to stop and the bite life will be tripled as well as the size of my legs.  
I have lost my electrocuting ZAPPER so I am dipping myself in and out of DEET and anti-histamine in alternate self applied treatments.  

I must remain strong and calm.... 
I must remain strong and calm.... 


I am presently travelling with a yogi friend A, who also has a penchant for post yogic BEER.  It has been a great couple of days and the highlight for me has been the food.  
It has also been a highlight for A, who is presently throwing up in the bathroom and having a close relationship hugging the toilet bowel.  I am the water monitor and occasionally have a more responsible job like running a cold bath.  Really there is not much I can do to help except be near.  
What a damn shame ... it is her last day before returning to Munich.  We have had a right laugh until the lurgy got hold of her tummy and is now having a Thai style boxing match with goodness knows what. 
We've all been there and it ain't fun. 
We have eaten exactly the same so, either she had the dodgy end of a vegetable spring roll at the market yesterday or I am a hardy beggar after my detox.  Who knows...... I shouldn't be complacent ... it might be on its way yet.... I did have a seriously dickey tummy before A, but after an amazing session of Yoga it disappeared.... magically.... Fingers crossed.  Do I have magic zen power? ...I doubt it very much.  
My parents arrive to meet me tomorrow having not seen them for 5 and a half months ..... amazing!  It would be just my luck to greet them with a fever! 
Please Ganesh save me from the lurgy. 

Just to give you a glimpse of our last few days here are some snaps .... I have SO many that it is impossible to choose but here we go ... lets see what this wifi connection is capable of...... 

Oh thank goodness there's somewhere decent to eat our tea! 
Never mind all this Thai rubbish!  


Some great local hubs of local food..... 
Wow ... its a culinary paradise if you seek out the right places.  
The busy places!

This is Ning, an amazing 'Aonong' institution.  The food that comes out of this organised chaos is amazing.  She can rapid fire several dishes out from under her umbrella from the same pan with a high gas flame faster than Gordon can microwave an egg.  
A crazy array of fresh local ingredients with her husband who is in charge of the barbecue of corn, fresh local fish and meat on wooden sticks.   

Mad Pad Thai in progress.

Ning in action.... beats Nigella by miles .... this woman can cook, has a pink towel wrapped around her head and entertains the crowds at the same time.... the only difference is she is as poor as a church mouse and has to clear the whole thing onto a motorbike when she has finished and then washes the street down.
One night I had Green Curry and the next Pad Thai, corn and beautiful fresh coconut juice. The flavours are intense and amazing.... Now I know what all the fuss is about and I am finally in love with Thai food....

And before you all say it...... it was only after we had eaten at a more sensible place ... a more tourist orientated place that A, got ill..... don't be fooled by the facades....

Lou Tummy Kung Foo Fighting!

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