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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Is it just me...?

Dear M,

The trip to Doubtful Sound was very beautiful and your staff, were lovely people to be around.
There were many things I really enjoyed about this trip but I have to say that I was really disappointed with the food and the accommodation.  

I expected the standard to be higher considering the cost.   
This trip was meant to be the highlight and the only break during my working trip here as an international tutor.  I had been looking forward to the two days for some time, had tried joining it earlier from Queenstown from the visitor information centre but there had not been enough bookings.

The following things were not satisfactory -

The bunk cabin sleeping 6 people was small and poky and separate to the main body of the boat which was not mentioned in the leaflet for the price.  The carpet/floor was soaking and the room damp. There was no where to put your clothes, no hooks or plastic boxes to keep them from getting wet except on your bunk.  The toilet roll holder was loose in the bathroom and every time you unravelled the whole thing fell off.  There was one tiny, inefficient, plug in heater in the room which went off late at night.

Despite the beds being made beautifully, they were completely damp which was most uncomfortable.   My pyjamas felt wet, I hardly slept and I was cold.  

Lunch on the first day was served at 2-30pm having travelled since 8am.  The 'macaroni cheese' served in cold pudding bowls was really mediocre, I couldn't quite believe that that was it.  It would have been lovely served piping hot from the table with salad, dressing and bread. Or easier still, why not serve a piping hot bowl of soup as soon as people get on board after the long journey with lots of waiting around.

Dinner was half a crayfish each served with slightly undercooked tasteless roast vegetables which was a shame as I know they had been in the oven a long time.  Next day your staff managed to catch 15 or more crayfish... not for us, for you.  There were never any deserts, except bars of chocolate and we had to provide our own alcohol.

The kayaking and the fishing was amazing.  We had a pleasant group of people but most of all I enjoyed the company of your staff, who I do not want to criticise.  However, I expected this trip to be special and the food to be good.   

Finally, to rub it in even more I found out from the two guys I made friends with on the trip, that they were given a last minute $100 special deal discount.  Having asked you if there was any chance of a discount when paying you cash, you laughed and gave me a dollar extra change. I think this is most unfair. If I had been paying half the amount I had paid then I would have been satisfied with the standard provided.  As it is, I feel under changed and disappointed.

I have been teaching all week so have not been able to get this to you sooner but I haven't yet received the receipt I asked you for.  I would like you to reconsider a discount.  It is such a shame to complain but these are things that could easily be sorted for future clients.

Yours Sincerely,

Louiji Squeedjie the life out of my wallet.



  1. Louise, what a fab and decadent three day course we have just completed in Wellington! It has been fun fun fun and I'm now inspired to go mad with my machine. Thankyou so much for showing so much enthusiasm after so long on the road and a very doubtful boat trip! I hope you have a safe journey home and I look forward to drinks soon and a visit to your new studio in the future.
    Kia Ora
    Cathrine. PS Keep flossing!

  2. Catherine,
    You are one of those people that just shine. Thank you for coming on my workshop and thank you for commenting on this blog, I really appreciate it. Look forward to a drinkypoo in Welly Woo.

    Lou :)*



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