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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

I miss cleaning.

I would like to big up the friends of mine who have kept in touch.  


It is so bloody lovely to hear from you and I really really appreciate it.

Jemsicals, Christicles, Absticles, Richsticles,  Moosicles, Martsicles, Testicles, Whoops sorry I mean TEDsicles, Aunty Joansicles, Blanketsicles, Sisticles, Kirsticles, Sophsticles, Jamsicles, Bertsicles and many moresicles!!!! 

I am missing you all terribly but I am made of strong stuff and being fed extremely well.
I just about make up for it by working hard!  I am driving the ladies hard.... getting them driving their sewing machines like Aston Martins.  

(If I keep mentioning them they might eventually sponsor me!) 

I hope you will still love me when I am fat.  

I am being looked after like a queen.  


I am dreaming a LOT.

I have a sore chest.

I am downing vitamins like they have gone out of fashion....

Does that make sense? :/

I miss all the ridiculously hum drum things in life that I used to do everyday and like my dear Goaty friend Abba dabby says .... maybe going away makes you realise what you got!  I think she is having a mini go at me for leaving but I don't mind as I miss her too! 

I even miss cleaning the studio kitchen. 


On my early morning coach journey from Napier to Rotorua, wrapped in woollies, I was listening to one of our favourite albums by a band called FEVER RAY.  I was remembering a day not so long ago us in our summer clothes, on Abba Dabba's newly painted studio floor,  singing loudly and badly but extremely passionately to this album.  What a lovely memory.  I cant wait to go spend time again chatting about painting, men, drinking, drawing, music and sex!  

Cough Cough Cough ...... awfully sorry don't know what on earth came over me!!! 
I am an embroideress and I don't talk about rude things.  
Apologies dear readers.  
A momentary lapse.  
It must be the weather.


Embroidery is my life!!!

Long live Berniney!!!

I have to go back to my lovely host no 9's now .... I managed to sneak a bit of time out and about ON MY OWN!

BUT they will be worried if I dont get back soon and it is already 7pm.  

I am staying with the sweetest couple in the world ...  I want to adopt them but I dont think they would let me as they are both 70- 80.  
Honestly ... I have met the dearest people here. 
This is a lovely country and the people are GENUINE with a capital G.


But This weekend I am meeting up with friends FROM BRISTOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have a few days off!  I might get to do the cooking!!!!!!!!

Naughty Lousicles.

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  1. he he liked yr honest and thought proking blog.... yes it must be such a weird thing being so out of yr normal life,,,cleaning. meeting up with mates, having a day in being unsociable ( oh how i bet u long for that )...however the strange thing is u will prob have times in the future when u return to yr normal life that u long for such a change??!! interesting,,,its all about a happy medium i fink....just said bye to my first born who is off to sea for a week,,hes so impressive, i am so proud of him lou xx



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