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Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Eh Up Lou Gardiner!


...when you google my name as a search … a NZ army general pops up aswell as me.  
His name is LOU GARDINER of course.  
With an i.

Before coming to New Zealand I thought …… ooh… should I drop him a line?
BUT when I read how high up he was in the forces, working for the ministry of defence I chickened out as I thought spontaneous contact from a contemporary embroideress may not be his cup of tea. 


I haven't really thought about it since but someone was asking for my contact details in a workshop the other day and I said … if all else fails just google my name and my website comes up straight  away.  I then added … ' …well, me and Lou Gardiner, Major General  of New Zealand Ministry of Defense.'  

Anyway,  one of the ladies in the class piped up 'I know him!' 

'He's retired.  He's a lovely man!'  

Somehow it felt like serendipity.  I wrote him a card.  The ONE with the man hoovering on it.  Very appropriate. It was the only one I had on me at the time.... 

Is that bad?

"Dear Lou Gardiner,

I feel like I should know you!'

Best Wishes

Lou Gardiner

Presently also in NZ."

So who knows ……. he might be in contact and we Lou's could meet for a cup of tea and a chat about the military defence systems and embroidery.  Strictly confidential of course

That would be nice.

The OTHER Lou Gardiner….

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