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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Clappetty Clap clap clap.... Yeah!!!!

To the left....

To the right....
(No one dares sit too close as I am famous for spitting.)

Down the middle....

These are my New Zealand Groupies!!
Aren't they lovely!

Todays talk was a great success and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Thanks New Zealand for inviting me here.
The ladies are warm, generous and full of humour. An easy crowd and fabulous groupies. There were lots of laughs and guffaws and claps ... really lovely to talk here there were about 450 in the audience and I too these photos for a you all!
I could have gone on again - I love talking to people..... I missed my way.

Ideas on a postcard please.

I am absolutely pooped and need a nap before tonights dinner thingy.

Tracy A Franklin is also here talking about her work ... she is lovely too and have had very interesting chats with her about publishing... she has done two books with Batsford who approached me and I am mot sure what to do....

Good to have some English company.... she's also a bit mad about this stitch thing ... shes still trying to work it out.... it's quite a laugh and interesting talking to her... I don't often meet other embroiderers... we have quite droll chats... I like droll.

Speak soon you little monkeys.

Im in my motel room with my leccy blanket and a cup of calm..... oooh... rock n roll.

Looty Tooty Toot!

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