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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Dont log off ... this is not a cat site .....

Walked miles again today all along the Waikato River which is stunning... into Hamilton Gardens and then bumped into this ....
THE WAIKATO CAT SHOW today .... I wouldn't say I was a huge cat fan, depends on the cat really, I'd rather a camel or a Rack Russell... but there were some really great characters there .... the kind of cats you see in cartoons from Danger Mouse ... The Hooded Claw's white Cat, Doctor Evils White Cat, Cruella DeVille .. didnt she have a cat? and Bagpuss!

Not sure if I am a cat or a bat?

BAGPUSS!!!!! Wow what a cat.

Ran into a wall once.... this one...

It makes you wonder why people don't put cats in their handbags ...
What an accessory! I felt like a character from a film...

This cat was SO SOFT! It would lie anywhere and all it wanted was cuddles which was really nice and I would have liked to have put it in my handbag and taken it back to my motel room. Although I think it would get on my nerves after a while with all its soppy hair.

Bless! What a ridiculously soft thing..... Ridiculous!

HA HA HA...Love this one. Must've run into the same wall... but faster!

I quite fancy a big huge British Short Hair Blue Exotic. A huge cat that looks like its run into a wall or had a career in boxing! That or your regular big ginger Tom. So a fun surprise and nothing to do with embroidery so that was great.

Louella Deville.

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