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Friday, 2 July 2010

Sugar Snap Snap!

Sant Luis Obispo... if you want the best and busiest farmers market in South California .... Thursday eves it is.
Puts ours and the attendance at ours to shame. Well... the ones I have been to...

I think this is something I want to do at when I get back.... ummmmmm ... food for thought.

If ever you were to fall in love....above and below....and beyond....beautiful people of the land.
They are the earth through and through.

Random I know but hey....

I bought and ate quite alot of these...onions yes ... not the berries... Hoh hoh hoh!

Well .... as the gorgeous smiley man with the white as white teeth and diamante dankly earring who cleaned my windscreen said today, when I asked him what I owed him.........

'Just your smile, keep it real, keep life light, be fluid.'

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