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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

No title today


Gorgeous to see you again.

I am sitting in a dark motel room as the sun goes down for yet another day away from home Blighty Blops.  
'Hey Daddy Daddy Cool' by Boney M playing on my lap top.  Whoop whoop!

"She's ... crazy like a fool 
 She..... loves .. Daddy Cool …."

Chorus …
"Daddy ... Daddy Cool …(ber up ber up) … Daddy ... Daddy Cool……!"
(and.... flip your arms around from the elbow like the hands of a fast clock as you look sideways and jump into a star shape….feet hip width ... WOO!)

Its been a good day and my ladies are really beginning to rock and roll with their sewing machines, its marvellous.   
We have been playing loud jazzy music, stupendous classical, funky soul, some bip bap bop electro and everyone is sewing like the clappers .. theres 14 of us and the whole room is a hive of activity .. looks like its been blown up but is singing with busy positivity.  We are developing  a 'Can do!' attitude and a self appraisal policy.  

I forgot to take my camera in but tomorrow I am going to get some shots of all their fabulous work … and of them ... permitting.  I have pushed the Girls hard this week and encouraged large and energetic pieces which are really challenging, especially to those who have never done machine embroidery before.  
My "Super Stitchers'  class is the total opposite to a lot of other embroidery classes, especially hand embroidery which is planned and meticulous to the point where stitches are counted and patterns kept to rigidly.  

So Well done GALS .. you have done fabulously well and I am proud of you right now! 
Smashtastic.  Keep it up!

One more day to go then I am being ferried to New Plymouth where I have to do a two day workshop starting Saturday. 
SO as you POMS (!) are drinking your cold pints in the sun, talking about how brown you are and whether to have another round of frizzer, I will be getting up in the dark and starting all over again with my sewing machine and my speakers, waiting for the frost to thaw.

I need some new shoes.

I bought two new pairs of Pants yesterday …. MERINO!!!! I tell you!  A pair of thermal socks, a tub of OLIVE LEAF capsules as I get such a sore throat when I teach and Wendy said they would help ….. too much talking expressively about art and life of course, and a NZ sim card, two bags of potatoes, a pair of pink walking socks and a carrier pigeon.

OH YES!!!!! And I still haven't told you about my new book which I bought at the fabulous 2nd hand Book Shop the other day.  YOU are going to love this …. 

"Have an Out of Body Experience in 30 days" by Keith Harary and Pamela Weintrab.  Its a NZ experiment and I am going to blog about it during my trip.

I am going to do the first exercise tonight which involves stripping off (perish the thought) and standing in front of the mirror for about 20 to 30 minutes opening and shutting my eyes.  
I have got to 'Imagine that my eyes are transparent portholes through which my consciousness looks out at the world.'   

Will let you know how I get on tomorrow.

Anyway … going out for my tea.  

Mystic Love.



  1. Hi Louise do you think you will be doing workshops in England when you get back?

  2. Wow! I want to take your class. It sounds like such a BLAST....when are you coming to the USA??
    Please do post pics of your students' work

  3. Hi Louise
    Like Alison above, I also would love to know if you are doing workshops here in the UK when you get home?

  4. HI!
    When I return I will be trying to establish a workshop / studio .... catching up on my personal work/commissions and then hopefully running private workshops by the spring but only a few a year. I THINK!!!!




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