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Monday, 29 March 2010

Rave on.

A huge thankyou to LIBLIBLIBBBYLIB LIBERTEEEEEE for moving the red plinth.

I was delighted to receive a photo today and it is officially moved.

It looks so much better and yes ... I am officially anal ... but ....
that, my dear friends, is why I am an embroideress!
I have reliased that as you get on a bit, the more you get to know your own idiosyncrasies and the more you get to know em.... the better I reckon.

Back in the studio and cracking on with a few new commissions which I have to finish before I go away. I go away on June 15th 2010 this year in a few months not so long away. Blimey. Then thats it Bristol is officially no longer my city of residence. God I am gonna miss it.

But like all good things - move whilst the goings good. Throw the balls up in the air.
18 days left in my flat - my lovely flat, my relaxing home and den where I have lived for the past seven years and made home. Had amazing parties, a couple of influential boyfriends, a sprinkling of lovers, a lot of dinner parties, pottering and baths. Loads of washing, cleaning the loo and the shower and the horrible bathroom lining, the 5 flat mates all men, first being my bro. The snake story, the Jane Fonda Party, the Liberty project, The Wacky Races, the sick.

Its all happened. Right here at no 21.

A brilliant brilliant time. A growing up time. A massive bombbastic, kick up the ass, laughing crazy sad difficult and fun time.

New era......

But First 5 months traveling.

Not just yet though....

Ta Ta for now treacle tarts.

Loiji boom boom bastic.

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