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Monday, 22 March 2010

Dusty Springclean


So.... I miss my embroidery and I felt the urge to go to LIBERTY window now the quilts are up to see her.

I got the train down, which cost me £50 and having not been paid by any of my clients recently this was pretty steep...
... but I thought worth it as I was also meeting up with my parents who were also really excited to see my work in the window.

Sadly, I was disappointed to find that there was a plinth obstructing my signature and the bottom right hand corner of the piece - a dusty plinth at that with a hair attached!
Yes its true - a dusty plinth in front of all that precious time consuming work - what an anti climax.

It wasn't lit as well or imaginatively as I would have loved it to have been and there was dribble on the inside of the glass.

Controversial I know but it has to be said that I was disappointed in the standard of the details for a LIBERTY window because I had expected as much care and attention to be given to the execution / window design as I had given the project myself. Maybe they were in a hurry?

I was however chuffed to see my name on the window and learnt a new lesson..... NEXT TIME - I will help install a piece as well as make it and clean the sodding windows. Yes, I am a perfectionist I know BUT there is no point devoting your life to creating the best piece of artwork you have ever made if it is not going to be hung to its full potential.
As my Mum always says... If you want something doing properly.......


Dusty Loufield.


  1. Well done Louise for getting it done and finished, shame it wasn't presented to your high standards, your Mum is right, if you want it doing right, do it yourself, disappointing but true. Well done anyway, it looks fab. Looking forward to meeting you one of these days.

  2. Hi, I found your work on the Innocent smoothie blog. Just wanted to say that it is beautiful!! Thanks for sharing.



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