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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Layer after layer...

MMMMY oh my its a layered old life this applique ting.

I have spent the last few days layering a heady mix of liberty florals, leather, reflective nylon, linen and metallic cottons..... shape after shape... pins, three rolls of masking tape and a clear steady methodical mind.

Introducing -
Bjorn Lie - The famously fabulous illustrator come artist extraordinaire from Norway!

I am still working on the border. Initially a mad mix of circle and oval shapes - now growing slowly into a psychedelic floral burst with a sprinkling of stripes and the occasional rainbow.

It has grown ... and I find myself tutting once again for not starting the design smaller and leaving room for growth.

It happens every bloody time and I end up fighting a battle trying to de-squash it from its borders.... let it breath - shift things around, knock things back.

Have had several visitors, lunches and glasses of red in between. (evening only please note!)

I am delighted by the steady flow of great mates and talented creative friends that have called in and given their approval. I have made sure that some of 'my elite' have visited to give lightning critique and ensure that I have not stitched myself into the damned thing.
I love their relentless enthusiasm, humor and encouragement. Their knowledge and appreciation. Feeling slightly sentimental at the moment.

God Damn I am going to miss them when I leave Brizzle.

I am going to have a massive fancy dress leaving do.

BY THE WAY - Open Studios WEEKEND at Jamaica Street 12th and 13th June.
Put it in your diary - my last one and its going to be FABULOUS!!!!!

Next Thursday 25th at 2-30pm -
I am doing a public talk about my work at
The Bluecoat Display Centre in Liverpool in conjunction with my exhibition.

Please call the gallery on 0151 709 4014 for tickets.

Should be fun!

Louiji Botticellini


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  1. Still amazed and overwhelmed! You said you were your mother's daughter. I will say that I am my daughters' mother. (I have 4.)It is lovely to see them and their husbands(only 3 of those so far.)and our grandon, but nothing gets done when they are here - and then I need a rest. That must be why children come before grandchildren! Another 3 on the way -help!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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