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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Woop Woop!


Hi folks, sorry been a bit quiet for a few days.

I am driving north today and having a day away from ' LICKY LIPS LIBERTY LADY LUSH'
(That has to be said very fast.)

I am doing a talk about my work at THE BLUECOAT DISPLAY CENTRE in Liverpool at
2-30pm on Thursday 25th Feb (tomorrow) to close the "Birds of a Feather' exhibition.

Thanks to all those generous people who have commented on my site and I note I have 5 followers - one being myself! Woop Woop! I will reply to your lovely comments when I have a chance but in the meantime - you look like an interesting lot (especially you GODFREY!) and thanks! I feel loved again.

Had a phone call from a student today asking me for help. I am on the A2 exam paper!
Thats hilarious. The question is about narrative. So if I remember ... I will blog something about narrative later. Will have to have a think first.

Planning a trip to the States on my way to teach in New Zealand - going to go see a gallery who I hope will consider representing me. Never done the states before so that makes me wanna go woop woop again.

Back soon!

Louelly Gardinelly x


  1. Lookin good Lou! It's coming along!
    I've finnally made some progress on my Topsy Turvy picture, drawing inspiration from the excesses of ancient Rome!
    Have a good weekend, babe.

  2. It looks great!! Love the lips. Where are you teaching in NZ? I live in OZ and would consider going over. It really all goes together so well.

  3. Heyy..
    to comment on you being on the a2 exam paper for art texiles..
    I have chosen that design spec. and would really appreciate if you could find anything that may help!?

    I LOVE all of your work.. you are really inpiring (:

  4. Thank you VERY much :)

    I like your name - tres cool oui oui.

    Regards help for the A2 exam...
    Fashion Illustrator - Bethan Morris -
    Just published by Laurence King
    Inspired to stitch- by Diana Springall -A&C Black

    Artist Statement on my website.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi Louise
    Just found this while recommending your website to a fan of Lorraine Jenkin who loves your covers. Great work. Mrs Quilty Queen looks suitably Biba to me! Are you leaving Bristol to return to the land of your fathers - as they say hereabouts. Or are you off to NZ for the long term? Keep in touch, whichever.
    All best, Caroline (Honno)

  6. Hello Caroline!

    Lovely to hear from you - will keep you posted.
    Let me know any more covers and would love to see the latest when its done.

    Lou X



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