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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Bloggin ell ...

My back is saying NO MORE! 

But tonight I told it where to go with a hot bath, a sherry and my first ever, thats EVER, crab.
Could never do them at school, could never do them full stop but tonight Mathew, I crabbed it up!  NOt for long but I got there.

(Just in case there are a few people who might read this who may not know what on earth I talking about... a crab is you know ... when you lie on the floor and then hitch yourself up with your head falling backwards. you have to lift and push with your arms. Rock Solid.)  

Its an anti embroidery posture from the dark side .... I have never been able to do one before as I am so damn stiff. Something happened tonight that was sheer miracle and there I was...
'crab style.'  


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