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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Phewey wooey

Woo!  Nearly there with the website ... what a mission! Its looking much better and has so much new work on it..... and this blog link .... crazy days...

Still feeling a little luke warm about the blog keeping and am thinking I need to define in my head whether this is going to be purely work based or a more personal 'Well Hi There!' kind of place.  I suppose I will get used to it and even maybe begin to enjoy it.  Some feedback would make it more exciting and possibly add some focus...  ???

Regards Friday, getting the only train from our village to Manchester, going to 'Woman's Hour', meeting Jenny, being on R4 and my full body lifted website re-launch... I feel almost like I am preparing for a party!   It's taken hours and hours of preparation....Loads of people have been invited - loads of people know about it,  I have been sending out a press release and emails advertising the website , the article in EMBROIDERY and the GREAT NORTHERN CONTEMPOARY CRAFT FAIR in Manchester... I have been wondering what to wear - annoyed I have bags under my eyes but its radio and the internet so it actually doesn't really matter. 
On top of all that I am worried about sending 5 very large pieces to Delhi and insuring them in the next week..... but one day at a time.... 

Keep Calm and Carry on... :) 


  1. Enjoyed your bit on Women's Hour - even switched of my Bernina to listen - J x

  2. Thanks Jane! It was great fun but too short!
    Happy whizzing on that Bernina.

    Louise :)



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