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Monday, 29 September 2014

Teaching Kirstie Allsopp the secret to being a SUPERSTITCHER!

In the SUPERETHEATRE at the Handmade Fair 
I did a demonstration for an hour teaching Kirstie Allsopp some superb stitchery witchery .... we made a stitched portrait in 45 minutes.

And then in the Jenome tent I taught 120 people over 3 days 
how to drive a sewing machine like an Aston Martin! 

Two workshop dates coming up - 


  1. Wish I could have been there but already booked to do Yarndale, I need to learn how to be in two places at once! Lovely piccies Lou.

  2. This is so exciting and it looks like so much fun! Jealous you got to meet Kirstie, she's my favourite!! Was it as incredible as it looks?!

    Ashleigh <3


  3. Looks like it went really well- I bet the sound of all those machines whizzing away was like sweet music!



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