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Friday, 5 April 2013

Ducking fabulousss.

Dear Louise,

My name is T, I am an Applied Arts student at The C C of Aand D in H. I know you get LOTS of these requests from students. I have read several extraordinarily terrible emails on your blog, which almost put me off emailing you!  

As part of our Professional Studies module we are to research a designer maker that inspires us and that we can identify with.
I know how busy you are so I will try and keep this brief. I have been so inspired by you and your work. Your blog is probably the best in the business and it never ceases to get my creative juices flowing. Would you mind answering a few of my questions?

I was wondering what advice you would have given yourself if you could pop back to 1994 in Dr Who's Tardis and have a chat with your newly graduating-self? 
With the current economical climate being what it is, a lot of artists are struggling. How have you managed to keep your career so vibrant and successful?
Do you ever hold open events at your studios?

If you could spare the time to reply to this email I would be so very grateful! Before I go, I would just like to say while I have the chance that I really hope that somebody out there creates that documentary about you, it would be ducking fabulous!!

Yours sincerely,

Its not everyday that you get an email like this. 

Made me laugh out loud.  

Will answer your questions as soon as I possibly can T.  Thanks for being ace. 


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  1. What a great email. I hope you will answer her questions as I am curious, too! First of all through Pinterest I just discovered you. Secondly, I am a self taught embroiderer, who wants to combine hand sewing, embroidery, drawing and painting to create art. Thirdly, as I build technique I question the probability of being successful on a public scale. What advice would you give us novices? How do we go up the possibility spiral towards our goals? I love your work it inspires me. Thank you.



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