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Wednesday, 20 March 2013


 I have been working on a collection of 
and I am very excited.  I know I am biased but I absolutely love them and think that the designs have worked really well and have a luxurious fluidity about them. 
Printed locally in the silk town of Macclesfield, at RA Smarts, Bollington, they are digitally printed on large squares of Habotai Silk.

"You Blow me Away Silky"

My gorgeous and very talented Photographer friend 
travelled up from London town to Cheshire and we did our very own photo shoot to capture the scarves hot off the press. 

An exotic la la moment? Oh dear.

'Because I love you' Dark background 

The five Scarves all derive from large embroidered originals, the best 2 of which I sent to be roll hemmed and are ready for my interview day with Kirsty Allsop tomorrow where we will be on the radio launching the 

'Blooming Marvellous' Silky

Me - What a natural. 
(Was absolutely bloody freezing) 

'You Blow Me Away' Silky

'Because I love you' Dark Silky

Contemplating life, love, scarves, a hot cup of tea...

Anyway... Watch this space for NEWS ON SILKY SCARVES from me.

I will be giving Kirsty Allsop my very first ever scarf tomorrow so lets hope she loves it and I can get this exciting new venture off the ground for May!

Please email me for details!

Louiji G


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  1. They look gorgeous- the colours are so vibrant. I'm sure Kirsty will love them x



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