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Monday, 11 March 2013

Love is Everywhere ...

I recently finished a large embroidery for the Royal Oldham Children's Hospital.
This 110cm square embroidery took far longer than planned but I fell into a trance and wanted to put as much love and care as possible into the piece in the hope that it will exude good calma.  
It will be exhibited in the new Children's Wards at Oldham. 

I used a mix of hand drawn and photographed seeds to create a heart shaped tumbleweed that spins and spreads love and positivity as it rolls through the hospital landscape.   Representing many people ... one large team of caring individuals. 

With the help of two ladies in the hospital sewing room, which I discovered by wandering around and getting to know the hospital on one of my research days.... I was able to use remnants of old uniforms in the creation of the commission...

With the application of other metallic fabrics, careful painting and intricate embroidery I transformed the uniforms into small iridescent and sparkly seeds.

With some help from family and friends I also added hundreds of tiny glass beads. 

The seeds tumble and spin around as if caught in a gust of wind catching light and changing colour depending on the time of day.

The colours are generally subtle and calming but occasionally bright and cheerful like neon yellow.

Shellbelle and Rosieroo helping me one cold afternoon in January.

All sorts of seeds - all sorts of experiences - all sorts of people - all sorts of new beginnings. 

Clusters of beads caught up in different seed pockets.

Random metallic sycamore seeds tumbling.

The final piece ready to frame. 

Limited Edition Prints of this design are available on my website. 
I have recently updated my website with the lovely WWW from 

Lovely job. 

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  1. I love the way you used fragments of uniform. What a beautiful piece.



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