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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Talking Loud!

My Talk at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.

I will talking about my recent work as a selected artist for the Craft Council's Flagship exhibition COLLECT at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair.  
(October 5th at 3pm in the People's History Museum only 2 minutes walk from the show itself.)

On display will be one of the embroidered pieces that I completed for COLLECT alongside another two new Tumbleweeds which have rolled out of my head since the Saatchi.  

This is TW6 in progress.  

The work has developed and taken on a new graphic 
and cool coloured planet like identity. 

GNCCF will be showing the film 'You Blow Me Away' commissioned by the Crafts Council.
Folowed by a slightly less serious me speaking about the highs and lows of this wild project and what it did to me socially.  I will be showing detailed photographs of the work in progress, my studio and the exhibition.

A detail from the work in progress on TW3.

I am flattered to have been invited and will be making the most of this opportunity to spread the love for spontaneous and passionate creativity which demands every little part of you.
Bring friends and questions!


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