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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Back on it.

I am back on it ... in the studio working late ... a deadline approaching fast and I have been working at a meandering pace recently but suddenly there it is a mad deadline and I am seriously behind so here we go here we go here we go again....

I am working on a new idea which is based on the seeds of a tumble weed (yes I am obsessed .. this weed thang could last a long time.)

Did you know that tumbleweeds have approximately (probably very approximately) 30,000 seeds depending on the size of the plant of course but they have alorra lorra seeds folks ....

SO!  The next piece is lots of seeds ... ie. lots of new ideas and sparks of creativity about to burst and spread and grow and regenerate ping pang pong waaaa!

Did you know I was now tweeting??????

Yes I am.

My tweet address is - @loulougardiner

I am getting quite into it ... Can you believe it oh dear.  I never thought I would see the day.
Its not as social as I was led to believe but its early days ... I have written about 100 tweets about all sorts of useless things from making curry, rounding up cows and showing WIP.  (Work in Progress) Ya!

So there you go.

I just need to avoid tweeting after too much sherry or I will be giving away too many secrets.


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