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Saturday, 5 May 2012

Bead Queens

For the first time I have added tiny glass beads to my finished embroideries which is a time consuming activity.  So much so, that I had to pull in some friends ... mainly family for the last haul. 
We stitched beads into the night with wine, electro and RBP3 my electric heater.  Thanks to Shelly, the Bead Queen (my gorgeous sister) You are a legend sis;  Sezzels, who has helped me one day a week throughout the project by keeping everything in my studio organised, tracing the many designs ... posting out print orders and sorting out 'me boxes' and making me laugh,  Andrea who sacrificed a few hours of her time in the last minute panic to sew tiny black beads onto No 2 with neon threads and of course .......... she's a love.

And last but definitely not least ...........

.....MY MUM.  
Who has helped in all ways a Mum helps.... keeping me alive and even washing my pathetic little tubi-grip bandages for my little wrists.  LOVE YOU!!!!!

Penultimate day before blast off - 3 of us working at once ... bead tastic.


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  1. Hi there Lou! I do wish you a truly successful show in London. I'm sure it will be a sell out!! I can't wait to see your new pictures....maybe I'll get there this week. Moira xx



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