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Thursday, 10 May 2012

And the last one's got bells on....

Well I haven't slept a wink.  Inevitable I suppose before the opening of the show that has quite literally taken over my life for the past six months but I could now do with going back to bed and I cant.  My eyes feel squashed.  

The 'Hang' was actually enjoyable.... It has always been my Achilles heel of exhibiting and a bit of a pain in the arrrrrrrrrse .... BUT this time is was so smooth and so fast and so easy ... I loved it, it was almost a sexy experience what with me new DRILL and me new DRIVER!  All the planning and the expense and fabulous Super Simon's Baton technique and Big Al's luminous green tools ... one in each hand loaded charged and ready to rumble, was a marvel.  

Sop's and I felt pretty smug as I walked out of the Saatchi two hours later with everything already up and done and looking smashing and snazzy.  (I am bringing some old words of my old world back into the new world. Snazzy.)  The VIPPPIVIPIVIP is tonight and it will be fantabulous to see the scene at last .. to admire the crafted outfits and schmooze with the hobnobs of hobnobbing.  The show ... the tiny bit I have seen of it .. well... its on another level ... the quality of the work and the standard of the presentation is so up there and I cant wait to look round.  
I am totally thrilled to be there.  I am a little nervous that my work is not everything I hoped it would be but Sop's seemed to love it, she seemed a little 'blown away' .... and her opinion is important to me what with her crafty brain.  

I still have to write my talk.... or soon I will feel a bit of a panic setting in, although I think the audience may mostly be friends!!  

I am going back to sew bells on today ... bloody bells.  

Leave it Luiji!  
One last bit of sewing ... the bells make me smile. 


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  1. Think you might sleep for a week after it's all over! glad the hanging went well (gosh that sounds weird:S)- it is the worst part, hate it! A sonic screwdriver always helps tho'!

    I hope you have a fantabulous time at the preview. I'm going to the preview of Stockport Contemporary open exhibition- I' giddy with excitement at being selected so I can only imagine how you must be feeling about your proper swanky "do"!!!



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