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Sunday, 1 April 2012

A weekend Orf.

I have had a weekend orf.
I had to do it.  My back is buggered.
My hands ache and my eyes have crossed.

I worked on Friday till 11pm and then I literally couldn't get back in the studio ... I couldn't do it.  Like a donkey in a stable I would not budge.  Life tooka hold, washing and cooking, the village clear up, dinner with my favourite Auntie J and a barby with my family.  But the heat is so so so on.  I am really behind and I am starting to panic.

Problem is ... I am sick of the site of my own work..... always a problem... its inevitable but you are looking at it all the time.  I need to put it away and stop looking at it but I cant as each piece relates to the last.

I will get there.

I will.


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