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Wednesday, 25 January 2012


I'VE GOT IT!!!!!

I have GOT IT!!!

I have thought of the title for my COLLECT work.
I am so excited.  SO much SO that I got up from my desk and walked all around the other side in front of the little heater and did one of those awful arm type gestures blokey blokes started back in the day.  You know the one I mean.  Arm folded at the elbow, hand next to shoulder, clenched hand and down leading wit the elbow....... YESSSSS!
It feels so satisfying.
Oh and when you do one you usually really mean it. Or you are showing off. Its usually when you score a point at Ping Pong.



(My skill level at Ping Pong is sporadic, as are my YESSSSSS'S.)

It kind of comes out and it sounds like spontaneous satisfaction, immediate gratification, excitement and a hint of masculinity and a puff of football hooligan all in one go.
Action and vocals combined in unison.
Av a go.


Almost clenched teeth.

ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!  I have bloody got it.
I have got the title and as I have been thinking about the concept for some time... all the time....
This means that the plan is coming together and the excitement is bubbling away in some sub conscious cauldron ready to explode which is exactly what I am aiming  for.

I am not going to tell you what it is yet as there is always the chance I will think of a better one.
But it fits with my concept perfectly.

All I will tell you is that at the moment my concept is this -

Tumbleweeds. Coral. Light and Dark. Time. Electric. Organic. Snowball. Love.

That will do for now.

Thank you all of you for looking at my NEW WEBSITE and for following my blog.

You must be lovely!  :)

Lou A Too Too.

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