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Saturday, 31 December 2011

Wishing you a Happy Hip Hopperty Happnin 2012.

Baby Calf born Christmas Day.

Sir George and a member of his harem.

Late night Studio ... Last minute workin.... 23rd December ... 

Geese and over sized flowers ... butterflies and grasses...

Turkey Lurking.

Strange and exotic love flowers....?

The reverse..... now covered forever....

The final commission . 
Finished just in time. Phew!


  1. Love that header, marvel at what you do, shake my head in disbelief, wish I could do it!
    Have a funfilled, happy and glorious 2012.

  2. Thanks Penny! :) Just a lot of time....and madness .... and wine!!
    Have a lovely New Year. :)

  3. Stunning work! Such a cute calf too. Happy New Year!



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