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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Thsimple and Thslick.

Oh blimey me diddly.
I am so OBSESSED with perfection.  (Oh Goddd rearlly ... are you ... darling really!)

I am not talking fake boobies, thread vein removal and tucked cheeks here I am talking website design.

World Wide Exposure.
The World Wide Web.
The World Wickety Wackety Woo.
The wonderful, wickidaceous, wackteriam web.


ITS Absolutely magic.

And imperative to the survival of an artist.

No pressure eh P!

I am designing my website with a great guy who is very patient.
He also lives in Brighton so its not easy as I have to do the work in burts and spouts which is intensely irritating as I am juggling so many things at the moment.
My deadlines are looming and I am teaching for 5 days solid starting tomoz and this design is proving to be a challenge as I want it to be different, slick, simple and say a lot about my work in a slick, simple and different way.  So yes .. slick and simple.  Simple and Slick.  I have been designing the buttons and the title page and then everything I did I disliked within a week... I then repeated the same idea in 4 different ways and everything looked complicated and fusty and not want I want at all...  too 'Ooh this is nice.'
I don't want NICE.
I don't want twee and I don't want to look at it in a month and wish I had just chosen a font.
This website has got to last 5 years.
I think it is very important indeed.  My website changed my career and I am very aware of the fact that a great website is what gets you out there .... as long as it is filled with interesting work, short sharp slick information, snippets of process and great flow.

My old one served me well but now I need something to represent my best work.
NOT that I have done that yet... Collect is going to be my best work so far....(so she said).
I am slowly heating up like Cotopaxi.

So.... bimple and brick.
It's not going to be fancy or anything ... simplicity is the key and combining that with a lush love for embroidery, textiles, colour and line is not as easy as I first thought.

I have stitched my signature about 30 times on different fabrics. Trying to get each letter as I want it and being positively perfectiogonist about it.  I would just get it right and the machine would jump a stitch on the 'd' and bloody ruin it......
Writing your perfect letters with a pen is much easier I am sure you know .... but on a flippin cranky old sewing machine ... getting the right slip of the fabric and being able to make the text look fluid and simple and progressive and oh GAWD!

Do you think I need more sex?

I suppose I am trying to succesfully marry technology ... the screen and the web WITH something thats naturally 3 dimensional ..... thin .... linear... hand made and prone to hiccups and bobbles and snaps.

Down with hairy fluff and fancy foof foof.

I want .......

Simple and slick.

I came in after stitching my name a million times to scan the lot in and email it over ..... I sat at my Mac and went to find the foot pedal with my right foot.  

Oh Dear.


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