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Saturday, 16 July 2011

A Blousey Piece!

Work in progress ... final piece from HOPE MILL before I move out which is a shame but hey... its been good man its been good.  This is the corridor which I think is real groovy.  Mine is the space at the very end.....

This is the reverse of a piece that was returned from India.... I didn't like the front at all and it was a toss up between painting and embroidery the reverse or chopping it up and taking what I wanted from the front which was the middle section .... so I did that ...... It could have gone either way.  But at least I got photos of the reverse before I massacred it with scissors.

The very central piece before the black embroidered outskirts are what I salvaged.  Then I drew the stripey ribbon like petals around the centre.

Marking the stripes I want to applique.

Working on the reverse.

Embroidering the first stage of the feathers.

Painting the stitched areas around the central bla bla bla blur bla.

Contemplating the next move.... I reckon 3 full days to go on this one if I push it, push it real good . 
DA DAR DA DAR DA DAR DA DA awiiiaiaiia.   
As Salt and Pepper once said. 

Laters potatoes.  
I have a 16th birthday to go to!  

Copyright Louise Gardiner 2011.  


  1. Fantastic- I love how the back is a work of art in itself. And the Salt and Pepper song took me RIGHT back (got it stuck in my head now)

  2. i love this piece of work you can tell you have put alot of time and effort into it: it looks amazing :)



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