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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

A Bip Bap Balooooobaa

I have found a studio and I moved my sewing machine in there today.  

I have a new studio in an massive old mill!

Oh my Lordy be.
I have a studio with HEATING!!!!!!!!

I have a studio with a wooden floors and two fantastic windows looking out over the old mills, a huge stadium, the canal, the new tram and council estates of Ancoats, Manchester.

I have a studio amongst about 20-30 other studios with a range of 'creatives' I haven't met yet!

I am sharing a space for the first time with a lovely lady, also passionate about fabric and sewing called B.  I found it on Gumtree.

B has bright red hair and green glasses and a Jenome.  

I have a studio with an old working mill lift and A GOODS LIFT!

I have a studio with a new project / exhibition space being built upstairs!

I have a studio with a car park!  A free car park!  A secure car park with fab graffiti!

I have a studio with two clean toilets and a trendy corridor that has funky designs on it.

I have a studio with heating!  ( sorry did I already say that!?)  You walk into the studio and it is gorgeously warm with lovely silver hot water pipes running through it above your head. 

I have a studio for 120 macaroons a month.

I have a studio in MANCHESTER.

I have a studio with a landlord who really gives a pea about the everyday stuff with a nice grey jumper and a friendly Manchester accent and ambition.

I have a studio with a chill out area just outside also with an amazing window with more fantastic industrial views and two large red sofas and a fire escape.

I have a studio 10 minutes walk from the Northern quarter of Manchester.

I have moved from Bristol to Manchester and I have a studio. 



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