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Sunday, 31 October 2010


As you know I am in Thailand and on an island in the South East called Koh Samui. 
Just so can picture where I am I took some photos.

This is where I do my shopping.

This is where I do my art service and you could rent a motorbike.

This is where I live.

This is my new business.

The mosquito bite count is now 12.  

I went into the nearest town centre, Lamai, as there was nothing else to do in the rainy monsoony weather.  As I always do in foreign lands, I actually felt a little uncomfortable at first and decided to sit down and have a beer and watch the world go bye ... get my bearings and suss out what was going down.  
I was in a typical busy THAI street full of shops, nail bars, Internet cafes and massage parlours.  Everything here is aimed at tourists and there was a busy road running down the middle busy with mopeds and motorbikes and the odd fancy four wheel drive zooming through. The electricity pilons are crazy busy with hundreds of haphazard black cables attached here there and everywhere in an abstract cobweby mish mash.  

It's common to see a bald fat man or a thin geeky bloke with sunburn walking around with a young, thin, denim hot-pant clad, thai lady .... girl.  
Or zooming around on mopeds as if they have been here for years which they probably have judging by their sun tired English skin.  Its also common to see families on bikes, relaxed toddlers squeezed between the handles and the knees.  In fact theres just bikes and mopeds everywhere.  Its a bit like being in the set of 'GREASE' really.   

Anyway... I ended up in an earring shop chatting to the girl who worked there as she was bizarrely colouring in pumpkin photocopies for her kids at the local western school.  So I sat down and helped her and coloured in many A4 pumpkins with a thick orange crayon on the floor of her shop and chatted to her about her marriage to a 23 year old English guy from Kent next February. 


Theres a distinct lack of postboxes in Thailand.

Ohhh, I must go to bed ... yoga retreat starts tomorrow and I have drunk too much rum on purpose as I will be under a strict regime for 8 days.  
I will be pure and beautiful and zen.


Lou the Massagetheripissed :)

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