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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Papatowai aghhh papa towai.....

I had a real windy walk to Nugget Point - near Owaka, the Catlin's, South island.  
No signs of sea lions, seals and penguins as stated on the map. 

This is the gorgeous Papatowai near Owaka at about 6 am.

I stayed in a little hut with a double bed bunk and two duvets ..... 
and a hotty of course ... 
(that's the rubber blue variety.)
Never go to bed without a hotty these days! 
Oh Bless me.

It snowed pretty much the whole time so it was a case of hiding under the duvets in my 
mini hut with a cold nose.... having sunk half a bottle of red in the camp site kitchen which had 
an open fire.
I planned on getting up at 6 the first day to watch my first travelling sunrise 
(its gotta be done hasn't it!?)... 

...but when my alarm went off I looked through the crack in the thin yellow and blue curtains, 
the cold biting into my toes immediately ... and I thought sod that!  
It was seriously snowing and got back in my duvet cave for warmth.  

BUT next day as if by magic, knowing I was leaving that day.... 
I woke up at 6am and the birds were going bonkers.
I thought come on our kid, get out there and join the party... so I put on loads of layers ... 
made a huge cup of steaming sweet tea and then went out and took about 1307 photos.  
Here you go ..... just a few dozen to give you a taste of my snowy sunrise.  


This was not MY GROOVY caravan but next door to me.  
Reminded me of my Auntie Jill and Uncle Mikey who have a caravan called WANDA.  
WHO as it happens are big fans of my blog.  
Whoop whoop! 
Along with my darling devoted sister!!! 

I have spent about 40 hours trying to compile a water tight application for 
COLLECT ... my goodness ... these applications take so much time ... especially when doing them out of a suitcase having to find wifi in the sticks in blizzards.  

It took me hours and hours and all I can say is ya really gotta want something bad these days to make it happen.  Fingers crossed - it would be a brilliant showcase in The Saatchi Gallery in Londres.  
Thats london in French ya.   

Tres Bien.


Fou Fou Gardivornay

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