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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Oooaaaghhhh shake ya booty!

Well, the silver boots have been all over New Zealand .... fishing, tramping, teaching, boating, taken me to yoga, hosteling and now they have been dancing.  

Tonight after teaching the first day at Nancy's Shop in Welly... I went to ZUMBA!  

Three days ago I went to Yoga in Dunedin and tonight I joined one of my new students, Denise and went to a class at a community centre in Wellington.  What a laugh.  So many different shapes and sizes, ages and creeds.  Japanese, Kiwi, Maori, Indian and one Brit, ME! .....who knows who else ... about 40 people? .....all sorts of ladies of all ages throwing their arms and legs around to some deep resonant reggae ragga bump and grind ya batty and swing ya BOOTY dancin groove and shine it sista .... it was great.  

You cant help but laugh at yourself shaking ya booty, concentrating so hard, serious expression and then shaking and wobbling your titties and letting it all hang out to the cheesy rhythm of tha Zumba beat mon.  Its overtly physical, pretty straight forward, sort of basic and sexy, except for a few fancy steps here and there, but if you can wobble your assets like a big blammongue ...you're laughing.   

Its amazing how you can get quite a wobble on, its quite hard work but freeing at the same time.
I would absolutely die if anyone could see my assets wobbling in the flesh but it kind of feels good and kinda hilarious.  Actually, I would quite like it really if they were the right person and they were an enthusiastic audience.  I'm game...?!

It feels real.  
Real is good.  
Real can be sexy.  
Wobble and all.  

I was surprised to find that I wasn't quite as unfit as I thought I would be which was a relief because I have been feeling a little lumpy recently, my only pair of jeans are tight, I am missing my walking lifestyle in Bristol and knowing that things aren't as firm as they were as I reach the big one ... where apparently life begins.  

I was also much more coordinated than I expected to be!  (She said.)  I have been to classes like that before and always seem to be heading in the opposite direction of everyone else there.  Which yes OK ... I was tonight ...... but with enthusiasm and an element of rhythm!  My own rhythm maybe but still I enjoyed myself and free-styled it a bit at the back and secretly giggled at all the other uncoordinated ladies like me who were also having a job keeping up.  They looked so sweet and gorgeous.  The instructor looked like she was laughing with me anyway, not at me.

I recommend it.  
Its a laugh.

And lets face it its good for your heart and your batty.

Lou ba Lou Bump and Grind mon.

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