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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Major General LOU GARDINER of NZ

OK ... its time....

I have been saving this for you ........

Next week my friends, 

I am meeting my namesake, 

Major General Lou Gardiner 
for a cuppa.  



Me, Lou Gardiner and him, Lou Gardiner are meeting up in Wellington, NZ, the other side of the bloody world, to talk about New Zealand Defence Systems and Free Machine Embroidery.    
You remember when you were little and you imagined parallel universes and maybe other selves?   
Well I did ... and here we are.... 

Lou very kindly replied to my email which I ignored for two weeks, in fact nearly deleted it as I thought it was from me.  He seemed very pleasant, he knew exactly who I was, called me his google friend and agreed it was a fun idea to meet.  So we are.  Lou and Lou.

So.... will let you know how it goes!

I have never met an a Major General before!  

I will get a photo.


Louiji Gardinelly the 1st. 

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