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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Miranda Miranda.

Oh goodness gracious me.

Today I had a case of the UMA LUMPAS when I sat and watched the sun go down.  
What a beautiful beautiful place.  


I am completely on my own but as you can see they do have wifi ... but I am not sure if I am allowed to use it to blog.... agh well we will see tomorrow...   
There's no one else around and I really want to upload today's photos.... theres a hostel here and there is only one other woman resident and apparently she is in a self contained flat ... I don't even know where and haven't seen anyone.  

The staff have left, I am in the communal area all alone and there are no street lamps outside just stars.  
I have just had a baked potato and some chicken and spinach and cheese, two cups of tea, one English breakfast and one Green.  I am going to read my book in a mo and lie on the sofa.... JOY!

I had the most amazing afternoon.  
I watched the sun go down out near the bird watch about 1-2K down the road to the shore which is completely made up of broken shells.  The birds apparently are in their glory when the tide is high so that's at 12-30pm tomorrow.  You have to go in the watch to watch. Cant wait.  Cant wait to watch ... must get some bins.
They are so cool.  The noise is amazing and the smell of manure around reminds me of home.   

The sun went down and there was a fabulous showy and hypnotic evensong and the gooseys and all the other birds whose names I don't know YET were flapping and zooming around in the water a little inland. They were giving it some welly, saying goodbye to the sun for another day.  Another day. They were all quacking and chirping and gargling as the sun sank behind the mountain and the clouds were huge and shapely and pink and it was one of those moments in life where you are just blown away by the peace and beauty of it all and also the awesome routine of nature.  
Birds singing the sun down and then the silence and the end of it all as the sun disappeared.

And I thought here's me in this amazingly beautiful place and those poor poor miners are down that hole and they have to wait and wait and wait to see the sun again. 
I don't really want to talk about the news on this blog site as I don't feel it is appropriate but that news has got to me as it contrasts so highly with me being here.


So fancy a bit of STA ?  

Life goes on and I will think of those miners everyday till they are freed from the ground.  
And it reminds me to appreciate the freedom we all have and the limitless of our sky 
and hope like hell its not going to be too long a wait till they are freed.  

It was truly amazing to arrive here today.

It feels like a while since I was this alone. 
It takes a while to get used to it but I have three nights here and then a week in the Coro.  In theory it always sounds sublime but when you get to it its quite strange and you have to accept it and wallow in it and think.  
It might only last one night here.  Its a good contrast to life.  It gives you space to breath and have a little wonder.  I know its rare for a lot for many people but we should all be alone once in a while.  
To think.

And walk.

And take photos of yourself.

And philosophise.   

Then watch the sun go down and wander home to your little cabin under the stars.

Cant wait to see the feeding frenzy at high tide tomorrow.  
Its gonna be real good.

Loucien Frardinaire.

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