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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Woop Woops!

A Big Steamy Ride

Oh I had a fantastic trip around the Lake yesterday.  

Perfect spot for some new Self Timer Art.  
Lets call it STA from now on … its got more punch.  

Lou the intrepid explorer.

Oh The Mountains the mountains the mountains!  They are amazing .... they are moving ... they are Remarkable!!

And guess what … 

That my dears is exactly what they are called… The Remarkables.  
Isn't that cool…. makes you wonder how it happened … very straight forward.  Very New Zealand!

Wouldn't it be funny if that kind of direct translation applied to everything.  
You might have hills called 'The Super Doopers' and 'The Wow Look at Thosies' or 'The Wickeds!' or as they say in New Zealand 'The Sicks'  'The Hills of Rad' and the ' The Yeah Rights.'

And a bit further own the boat I went exploring and look what I found!!!!   

Dad... these are for you!!!!  
Bit like the tractor house yeah?

Captain Loun Boat.


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